"It’s like putting insurance on your calves’ ears!"

At Moo Muffs, our goal is to help the cattle producer protect their investment and maximize profits, all while keeping the cattle comfortable. Moo Muffs are able to help eliminate frostbite on baby calves’ ears, keeping the value on calves that would normally be docked at the sale barn.

The first pair of Moo Muffs were made in February 2018. After our family barn burned down in 2016, we had to come up with an innovative way to keep our calves comfortable in the winter months.  And not long after, Moo Muffs were officially born!


The Moo Muffs Team

Holly Poad, Co-Owner

Kim Ewers, Co-Owner

Moo Muffs Global Distributors

Tabata Corporation - Japan and Asian Markets

Leo Jensen (The Jensen Feed Store) - North American Markets